“I staked Daniel to play online cash games. He was a hard-Working player with consistently strong results and a constant desire to improve.”

Collin Moshman

Team Moshman

“Daniel held a key role in delivering high-quality Python posts for the DataCamp community. Not only did he go the extra mile to deliver excellent results, his professional communication, creativity, and efficient work style were also largely appreciated. Thank you, Daniel!”

Karlijn Willems

Data Science Journalist, Data Camp

“Daniel was my student at SpringBoard, where he registered for a Data Science Foundations course. He showed eagerness in learning about basic and advanced topics, particularly on machine learning algorithms. What impressed me the most was the effort that he gave towards completing his capstone project. Given the challenges he faced on the data set, he worked hard in getting these into decent shape. He exhibited an intermediate level in R programming – a language he only started using when he enrolled in the course. I was very impressed with the way he easily grasped concepts in R, and implemented these for his work. My opinion is that he will find a way to make things work given the tools available to him, and is willing to take the next step in meeting challenges.”

Joel Nicolas Bangalan, CFA, FRM

Springboard, BetterVu

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