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Mini Projects

Some of my projects don’t warrant their own page, so I’ve added them here.


Work in Progress – I’ve added some yet to be completed projects below.

Visualizing Gender Gap of College Degrees

Python, Jupyter Notebook, Data Visualization

Predicting the Stock Market

Python, scikit-learn, Linear Regression

Analyzing Movie Reviews

Python, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, Scipy

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Preparing Academy Awards Data for SQlite

Python, Jupyter Notebook, SQlite, Data Cleaning

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Visualizing Earnings by College Major

Python, Jupyter Notebook, Data Visualization, Pandas, Matplotlib.pyplot

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Fun with Thanksgiving Dinner Data

Python, Jupyter Notebook

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Analyzing NYC High School Data

Python, Jupyter Notebook, Data Visualization, Data Cleaning

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Working with an SQlite Database

Python, SQlite

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Creating Relations in SQlite

Python, Jupyter Notebook, SQlite

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Transforming Data with Python and the Command Line

Python, Data Cleaning, Command Line

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All Projects from this page are located on GitHub.

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