Foundations of Data Science

SpringBoard 07.22.2016

Data Scientist

DataQuest 03.15.2017

Data Analyst

DataQuest 03.15.2017

Python Programming: Beginner

DataQuest 12.02.2016

Python Programming: Intermediate

DataQuest 12.05.2016

Data Cleaning

DataQuest 12.17.2016

Command Line: Intermediate

DataQuest 12.30.2016

SQL and Databases: Beginner

DataQuest 01.06.2017

SQL and Databases: Advanced

DataQuest 01.08.2017

Decision Trees

DataQuest 02.21.2017

Machine Learning

DataQuest 03.03.2017


DataQuest 03.12.2017

Natural Language Processing

DataQuest 03.13.2017

Big Data Tools

DataQuest 03.14.2017

Exploratory Data Visualization

DataQuest 12.13.2016

APIs and Web Scraping Course

DataQuest 12.16.2016

Command Line: Beginner

DataQuest 12.27.2016

Git and Version Control

DataQuest 12.31.2016

SQL and Databases: Intermediate

DataQuest 01.08.2017

Linear Algebra in Python

DataQuest 02.01.2017

Data Visualization

DataQuest 02.26.2017

Computer Science

DataQuest 03.10.2017

Kaggle Competitions

DataQuest 03.12.2017

Data Science Topics

DataQuest 03.13.2017

R Programming

DataQuest 03.15.2017

Introduction to R

DataCamp 04.08.2016

ID: 57734a3c61e6daf1ec8f350efbd87f5131dfda0e

Intermediate R

DataCamp 05.03.2016

ID: 097ec388bc34e1d4a2b5e1425434a640c7ad2ead

Data Visualization with ggplot2 (Part 1)

DataCamp 05.26.2016

ID: 8b3f2c4e016d2fd81aa750781d7b2198d8570ba1

Data Visualization with ggplot2 (Part 2)

DataCamp 06.08.2016

ID: f48ee54dda92a1450f1b0aa5ae2fe032dc1adb77

Intro to Python for Data Science

DataCamp 08.22.2016

ID: fc855533304afbeedf602af9b78d22a81e8daa0f

Intermediate Python for Data Science

DataCamp 08.25.2016

ID: 587b65255776c972ba1979f2a2a52804ef262b97

Importing Data in Python

DataCamp 08.28.2016

ID: 796ff517afaa7e80b7b254a869753fbb8bf5e4f9

Manipulating Time Series Data in R with xts

DataCamp 11.20.2016

ID: 11d28f41eefbb2b76ae625e48c00c0e1a981a16c

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